HITS is gearing up for a new production this summer and we need actors!

So, if you’ve acted before, or if you haven’t acted before but always wanted to, or never wanted to but think you should, or don’t think you should but have forgotten why, or don’t know what this acting business is all about but like hanging out with fun people, THEN COME TO AUDITIONS!!!!!
If you’re unsure, then COME TO AUDITIONS!!!!
Also, if you happen to have an Irish accent (or think you can do a pretty good one) then… PLEASE COME TO AUDITIONS!!!!
We have a couple of options for plays, both of which are adult focussed comedies, one of which will require a few Irish accents, so what play we go with will depend on who turns up to auditions.
We’re also looking for anyone who might want to help out in other ways – e.g. marketing, lights, backstage, etc… So if you’re interested in being involved in any way at all then… COME TO AUDITIONS!!!
Ok, enough yelling, here’s what you need to know:
Auditions will be held on the top floor of The Kitchen, 30 To Ngoc Van Street, Tay Ho at the following times:
– Sunday 8th March 6pm to 8pm
– Tuesday 10th March 6pm to 9pm
See you there!

 We’d also like to thank again our sponsors from our previous show! We couldn’t have done it without your support! 

Family Medical Practice 

BIS – British International School 

Oasis – Deli

Quality Schools International Hanoi

Hanoi International Kindergarten

Play Cafe


Hanoi Rock City

Stay tuned and follow our Facebook page for more information!


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4 Responses to AUDITIONS for a HITS Play!

  1. Emma suthers says:

    Where are tickets available from?

  2. Duong says:

    May I know how much for 1 ticket please ?

  3. Gabriela Melgar says:


    I just watched your play, “Philadelphia here I come” and loved it! I was wondering if I could get involved in your next production, hopefully by acting in it. Please let me know if you will have any upcoming auditions.

    Thank you,

  4. Emmett says:

    Hi hi hi!

    I recently moved to Hanoi and am looking for a theatre group to hang around with. In whatever capacity. Do you guys meet regularly? Or is everything based around your two yearly performances?

    Let me know when you have a minute. I’d love to be be acting again.



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